Welcome to Zixel – Affordable web design for small businesses

Web Design - 26-01-2024 -
Welcome to Zixel – Affordable web design for small businesses

Hi I'm Jack and I'm the founder of Zixel. I've been involved in the web design industry for the last 20 years and you could say I know my onions.

In 2015 I founded another company called Cloud Web Solutions where we offer custom web design, web development and brand design services. When the pandemic hit we saw a real need for more affordable web design solutions for small businesses. We started offering our web design services on a pay monthly basis and it went down a real storm.

We ran our pay monthly packages on Cloud for a few years but there was often a confusion in the difference between our regular web design packages and our pay monthly packages, so it made sense for us to separate the 2 services and so Zixel was born.

Who are we?

We are primarily a husband and wife team, yes I know it should never work, but for some reason it does! I take care of most of the design work. And my wife Carly turns all the lovely designs into real websites.

jack and carly

We also have a team of freelancers to pick up any slack but day to day if you contact us you will either speak to myself or Carly.

What is the difference between a Zixel website and a Cloud Web Solutions website?

At Cloud our web design services are not available on a pay monthly basis and are much more complex projects for larger businesses. These businesses usually require much more design, custom features and a lot more pages.

Zixel is designed for small businesses who require much simpler websites with fewer pages. This does not mean they don't look great, in fact when it comes to designing a homepage of a website, the same process really applies across Cloud and Zixel.

With Zixel we have three pages offering 5, 10 or 20 pages and we've built a custom platform to services these websites. This custom platform includes lots of features you would usually expect on a website including:

  • Contact Forms
  • Image Galleries
  • Media Library
  • Blogs
  • Secure Login Pages
  • And more..

Fully Managed Websites

A great feature with our Zixel web design packages is they are fully managed, this means you get unlimited updates and support so anytime you need something changing, whether that be some text or an image change: we take care of it for you.

We usually process update requested within 24 hours, or if you need something changed urgently you can call us and we can often get this done immediately for you. That's the power of our bespoke CMS system, we can make updates very quickly.

Can I update my website myself?

Yes of course! You can easily make changes to your website using our content management system, you don't need to have a computer degree either, it really is very simple. We don't even have any documentation because it really is that easy! Plus if you do have any issues we can explain it all for you and don't forget it's fully managed so we can update anything for you.

What makes you different to other affordable web design companies?

I don't like blowing my own trumpet but put simply, we design better websites. With many of the cheap web design companies you're not really getting anything bespoke. They usually pick a website template off the shelf, change the logo and colours and that's it. You get a generic looking website that quite frankly is boring.

We pride ourselves on designing bespoke websites for every single business. Of course, websites often have the same elements but it's those little design touches really do make the difference. Your website should tie in seamlessly with your brand identity.

Another aspect often overlooked is the level of support you get after your website is finished. I've heard thousands of horror stories from customers about poor customer service, hidden charges and updates taking weeks to be done.

We ensure updates are done super fast, will always answer your calls and emails promptly and generally just be decent people. There are enough assholes out there already!

I could sing our praises all day but really its what our customers think of use, read our reviews and make your own mind up.

Or just sign up and experience the Zixel service for yourself, there is no risk as we offer a full money back guarantee!

If you're a small business and you want a website that you can be proud of, then check out our packages or book a call with us today.

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This article is written by Jack Millard founder of Zixel. I am actually a real person and this was not written by AI or a robot. When I’m not writing blogs, I love great food, the occasional beer and motorbikes.

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