12 Beautiful Examples of Health Coach Web Design

So you’ve made the decision to become a Health Coach and help people transform their lives through nutrition and exercise. That’s fantastic but with any small business you need a website to have any online presence. 

There are a number of ways of getting an affordable website for your new Health Coach business. You could build your own website, a great way to get online if you have a very small budget. Or you could hire a web design agency but you may get a wide range of quotes ranging from a few hundred to thousands of pounds.

But before you decide on how to build your website let’s look at some stunning examples of Health Coach website to inspire you:

12 lovely health coach website examples

Lou Walker

01. Lou Walker Health Coaching


02. Align Health Coaching

Kate Mountain

03. Kate Mountain Health & Wellbeing

Lesley Wadron

04. Lesley Waldron Womens Health Coach


05. Zest Health Coaching

Laura Wooding

06. Laura Wooding Health & Nutrition Coach

Audrey Byker

07. Audrey Byker Health Coach


08. Peppermint Wellness

Jill Anenberg Lawrence

09. Jill Anenberg Lawrence

Milla Lascelles

10. Milla Lascelles

JS Health

11. JS Health

Ste Lane

12. Ste Lane Holistic Health Coach


Creating a beautiful Health Coach website is perfectly achievable if you choose the right tools or company. You could get an amazing website that doesn’t break the bank.

Hopefully these website examples give you some inspiration!

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