10 ways to make your website work harder for you

Small Business - 29-01-2024 -
10 ways to make your website work harder for you

Small businesses can spend so much money each year on their website, to have a website that doesn’t do the job. A lot of websites can look good, but lack the things that they need to really help the business to grow. The good news is that you don’t have to rebuild your whole website in order to be able to rebuild it all again. Here are some of the things that you can do, in order to make your website work harder for you. 

Know your numbers

How many visitors do you get on your website each month? Do you know how many leads the website generates? You need to know these numbers, as well as looking at country-specific website visitors, if you’re not a global business, in order to get a real picture about how well the business is doing. 

Improve your search visibility

One important aspect when it comes to your website is to make sure that people are able to find it all. How do people find your website; do they already know about you, or are they searching for exactly what your business does? One of the first things to do is to make the most of advertising with relevant keywords, using places like Google AdWords and Bing adCenter. When you don’t have targeted ad campaigns, then you can spend a lot of money without being able to achieve any results.

Get your site found long-term

There are so many things that Google takes into account when it looks at rankings. Search engine optimisation is something that keeps changing, so you could always look for a specialist agency to help you.

Secure website

Google is doing something that now alerts people when they visit a website that isn’t secure, without a ‘https,’ which is the encrypted standard for websites. If yours isn’t secure, then Google will put people off visiting it.

Mobile-Friendly site

With more and more people checking websites on the go, on their phone or their tablets, you need to have a mobile-friendly site in order to make sure that they will stay on the site and keep looking, rather than clicking off.

Current content

If your website has a blog, then it can go a long way to helping your site do more for you. The key to making it work is to have regular content and keeping it up to date. Don’t remove the blog; rather, make sure that you keep the content updated regularly.

Include calls to action

It doesn’t matter what kind of website that you have, having calls to action on there is so important. You need to be smart about including them too, as they can be right there, such as ‘request a callback’ or ‘email us now.’

Use social media

Using social media as part of your website is really key. These days, people are using them more and more as a search engine and for information and customer services. Having active channels, sharing content and offers, as well as sharing and engaging with followers can help to make the website do more for you.

Help don’t sell

It is important to not have a website that is just a bland brochure, talking about the corporate message behind the brand. You need to create content that will help customers, not simply sell to them. 

Keep working on your website

One of the most important things to do is to keep working on your website. There is never such a website as a ‘finished’ website. Keep updating, keep adding content, and keep tweaking it. 

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