5 reasons why you should never use WordPress for your website

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5 reasons why you should never use WordPress for your website

If you’ve been looking for a new website designed for your business, you may have heard about “WordPress”. WordPress is an open-source website content management system that a lot of web design agencies use to deploy websites.

WordPress Explained 

WordPress was created as an open-source blogging platform and was never really designed to build full websites on. Most people use WordPress because they don’t really have a better option. They also use it because it has thousands of plugins that can be installed for all kinds of different functionality.

Here are 10 reasons why I think you should not use WordPress for your website:

1. Usability

If you are the average small business owner and have no experience in managing websites, then you will really struggle with the WordPress interface. With so many options and more options hidden behind other options you will be throwing that laptop out the window in no time. Even with 20 years’ experience in creating websites and website management systems - it really is bloody awful.

When you start adding new plugins which all have a different set of options, I suggest you invest in some serious study time to have any chance of making any updates yourself with any real confidence.

2. Malware 

As WordPress is open source, this means anyone can see the source code behind the website it’s very vulnerable to attacks and getting infected with Malware. You must always ensure any updates are done to limit your chances of infection and you must install plugins to secure your website. Even with your website being updated it’s easy for your website to be attacked and cock up the whole thing. Sounds like a pain in the ass right?

3. It’s a blogging platform, not a website cms

As I said at the start, WordPress was never designed to be a website content management system, its sole purpose was to be a blogging platform. Only with the addition of plugins and configuration does it become a platform for web design.

4. It’s really slow 

Out of the box WordPress is really slow... then start adding lots of plugins and your website will slow down even more. The problem is the platform has so much code, much of which you don’t need and so it takes a long time for the websites to load compared to cms systems that are designed for the exact purpose of deploying websites.

5. Off the shelf templates 

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is there are thousands of pre-designed website templates that you can install. If you look at websites all day like I do you can spot a WordPress website a mile off, the templates have no character and all look the same. If you want a mediocre website than that’s fine, but no-one wants mediocre.

So what are my alternatives? 

Any decent web design company should start by providing you with a design before you see it on any platform. If you get sent a demo website link before a design you often assume that no real design was ever done and you just got an off the shelf template.

Here are some other website content management systems you could consider:

Zixel CMS

Our very own custom website management system. Designed to deploy super fast websites and very easy for the average person to manage.


Drupal is often used for large scale websites. It is high security standards and a range of complex customisation features.


Webflow allows designers to create websites visually without writing any code.


If you want to build your own website then Wix is probably the most popular DIY website builder.


Joomla can we used for a wide range of websites, it is more complex to use that other platforms like Drupal.


When building a new website don’t just settle for WordPress as your go to platform, explore other website content management systems and use something that is fit for purpose.

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